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During birth a baby undergoes a lot of pressure. This can lead to compression and traumas occurring that are the source of symptoms such as the gradual flattening of the back of the skull (plagiocephaly), various digestive problems and sleep disorders.

Sportsmen and women

Physical activity is synonymous with increased mechanical stress.

It is also at the source of accumulated traumas or micro-traumas which limit the body’s mobility. If these are not corrected the sportswoman or man will expose themselves to pain and a lowering of their physical performance.

Pregnant women

Due to the muscular and articular changes which take place during pregnancy certain mechanical blocages become more amplified or more intense. Also, apart from any pain which may occur it is important that a pregnant woman see her osteopath to ensure the best possible mobility of her pelvis to facilitate nutation and counternutation during childbirth.


With age the decreasing tissue suppleness renders the compensation phenomena less efficient. Mechanical blocages appear more often and more intensely. Consulting an osteopath regularly allows the body, despite this loss of suppleness, to maintain a good mechanical equilibrium.


Due to the way in which it liberates tissue tension and reestablishes the overall equilibrium within the body, osteopathy is recommended for treating articular and musculotendinous pain as well as neuralgic disorders (sciatica, cruralgia, cervico-brachial, Arnold, intercostal, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigeminal…). Osteopathy is also highly recommended for digestive, urinary, gynaecological, ENT and respiratory functional disorders.

Who is osteopathy for?

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